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Sobre mi

Sobre mí

He aquí la vida de una project manager/webmaster freelance. La encargada de ventas, desarrollo, diseño gráfico, programación, manejo de contenidos, centro de soporte y además del SEO.

Un amigo me comentaba “Lo bonito de esto es que puedo pagar mis gastos de equipo, mi conexión, estudios y también queda para los fines de semana, no tengo jefe ni horario y poco a poco mi trabajo se está dando a conocer”.

Compagino mi actividad como autónoma

Mi incrusión en el mundo digital comenzó con mi blog ‘Inspiración hecha a mano’. En él compartía ideas y mi pasión por el mundo craft. Viajé a Madrid para formarme. The journey started in 2013 when the service was called, and started as a summer intern project inside Norwegian telecom company Telenor. In 2017 we spun out and found a new home with Videonor as owners.

Videonor was started in the small coastal town of Måløy on the most rugged Western point of Norway, with 2000 inhabitants. The main investors are a local family office, who built up a very successful shipyard and then have actively invested in building up more than 80 jobs in IT in the local community, including one of Europe’s largest data centers. We live our vision every day and work to extend the priviliges of the flexible working culture to everyone.

¿Por qué el buen hacer?

For the individual, flexible working means being able to manage their own day, by being able to take meetings from anywhere. Less time has to be spent on commuting, and being able to concentrate, leading to reduced stress-levels, and more time to focus, think and grow meaningfully.

For companies, happier employees means a better work environment. Research has shown that employees who could choose to work from home, had around 20% higher productivity. Being set up for flexible working means being able to hire the best talent from anywhere, increasing the company’s chance of success. Being able to serve customers and work with partners globally can also help companies grow faster.

For society, flexible working can have to real impact. Commuting into big cities that are steadily becoming more polluted and congested is not the answer. Neither is flying across the globe for a single business meeting. Decoupling work from location makes it possible to live outside the big cities and have a fulfilling job. This can reduce housing prices, reduce pollution in cities and make smaller local communities sustainable.